Friday, 17 July 2009

Scarborough Seafest 24-26 July 2009

Scarborough Seafest is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and can now claim to be Britains biggest annual maritime music festival.

Phil and Caroline have promised to take us out to explore the West Pier and North Wharf where the event is being held. Katie reckons Meg should put on her pirates outfit as she is an OLD sea dog. Meg was not amused.

The festival stage attracts the cream of the UK folk song , maritime and shanty world as well as acts from around the world. Previous years this includes groups from Senegal, Sicily, Canada, Eire, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, Britanny and the USA.
The sound of shanties and folk music can also be heard in the unique atmosphere of Scarboroughs Ale Houses. In 2009 they include The Anchorage Club, Lancaster Inn, Leeds Arms,The Merchant, Sea Cadets Hall,S ub Aqua Diving Club and The Yacht Club.

The number one venue that Katie, Meg and I will be aiming for is the well known ‘Sea Fish Cookery’ marquee where visiting chefs demonstrate the art of sea - food preparation. We will be happy to demonstrate our refined skills in sea food devouring……..can’t wait.

For further details click here.

See you all there, Lily.