Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show, North Yorkshire

Here at Flamborough Rigg Cottage we are very proud of our soft fruits, well all fruit, in the garden. Since coming across a website recently for the Gooseberry Show in Egton Bridge, North Yorkshire, Phil’s now taking especially good care of the gooseberry bushes.

The event has been going for over 200 years and appears to be as popular as ever. Gardeners enter their biggest gooseberries into one of four classes: red gooseberries, yellow ones, greens and white ones.

I think Phil will have his work cut out, as they enter gooseberries as big as golf balls. If my memory serves me right our efforts last year were more like the size of………well gooseberries. It is sweet seeing him out there fussing over them!
We pets are under strict instructions to stay away from the bushes, which is fine by me as we don’t like them anyway.

He has a few weeks yet to fatten them up, I think a supersize diet may be called for. The event is held by the Egton Bridge Old Gooseberry Society in St Hedda's Schoolroom on 4 August 2009 at 2pm.