Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New Exhibition at Turnstone Gallery, Sandsend, North Yorkshire

After a busy week at Flamborough Rigg cottage chasing rabbits off the veg. patch we went for a well deserved splash on our favourite beach, Sandsend. After much showing off we headed to the Hart Inn where we were hoping to steal the odd chip from Phil and Caroline (or any one else we could charm). Enroute we passed the Turnstone Gallery where we always like to press our noses up against the window and see what is going on as they have such sparkly, pretty things. They were preparing for their next exhibition.

A Shared View 25 Sep – 31 Oct 2010

In the mid 1970’s two young artists headed north to Whitby and opened a gallery. They were soon collaborating with a young potter. This exhibition is a celebration of that relationship and yet another milestone in the continuing creativity and development of this trio, set against the backdrop of Whitby and the surrounding countryside.

This year John Egerton celebrates 45 years as a potter. Nature and landscape are important influences, in both abstract and realistic forms. Whitby landmarks feature on many vessels, as do birds, fish and flowers, mythical creatures and evocative landscapes.

Anne Thornhill's paintings demonstrate her interest in capturing not only the moments of perception, but also the journey between those moments, and how they are influenced by the movements and rhythms in the landscape. She tries to make her paintings as rich an experience as possible, with a repetition of bold colours and shapes, pulling the viewer from one perception of space to the next.

Paul Blackwell seeks to convey an emotional charge in his work through his skilful use of colour. His paintings always have a very direct sense of place and he often returns to the same subject again and again, exploring its meaning and potential. In this way he seeks to evoke the magic of the natural world and the feelings he has for the countryside.

For further details about the exhibition and Turnstone Gallery click here.