Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring Sunshine

Sounds as though we've been lucky not to have the heavy snowfall a lot of the country had towards the end of March. To be honest we've had so much this winter even I was getting a bit tired of playing out in it. (It's hard work with my short legs!) We gather from people we meet out on our walks - locally in Cropton Forest  - that it's still a bit chilly for the time of year (although I don't usually notice down here, being too busy dashing in and out of the trees.)
We certainly haven't let it stop us going on our regular trips over to the beach at Sandsend (Here's me with Meg and Katie waiting for the ball to the thrown again.) Katie has been surfing and drawing quite a crowd - she  is such a show-off - I'm happy up to my ankles in the shallows, barking at her as she swims in with her head bobbing above the waves.
We like to think that Phil and Caroline bring us over here so often because they know how much we enjoy our trips to the beach, however I suspect they enjoy stopping for lunch at The Sandside Cafe just as much!
Bye for now