Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Scarborough Art Gallery displays East Coast Art.

This January Scarborough Art Gallery, North Yorkshire, will open up its first floor rooms to show a fabulous selection of art produced by amateur and professional artists working in and around the East Coast. The work on show will be selected by a panel consisting of local artists Andy Black and Sue Timmins, art lover Stephen Wood, contemporary curator Stuart Cameron and Scarborough Museums Trust’s Curator of Exhibitions Jan Bee Brown.

Four members of the selection panel will curate the show which will be themed to enable a complete cross section of work to be shown. Each gallery will have a different focus: Light, Colour, Form and Process. The team of artist-curators will also be selecting a picture from our own collection to introduce their chosen theme. The ‘Open’ art works on display are also for sale so if you spot a budding star this is the time to buy. It’s your gallery, showing your art, so please join in!

The show opens on 23 January 2010.