Wednesday, 2 December 2009

All is shining brightly here at Flamborough Rigg Cottage B&B ready for Christmas.

Hello, Katie here. We were very excited yesterday to welcome guests back to our extra shiny B&B at Flamborough Rigg Cottage in Stape, North Yorkshire

When Caroline and Phil said a few weeks ago that they were closing the B&B until December Lily, Meg, Payne and I were immediately at the door all togged up with leads, buckets, spades and frisbees thinking we were off on our holidays but sadly they had other ideas. What they had in mind was sand paper, varnish, paint, polish and steam cleaning. To be fair buckets were involved but only with mops in them!

All the hard work can’t be missed as everywhere is looking extra gorgeous ready for the busy Christmas and New Year season. The tree is on order, the wreaths are about to be hung on doors and they are about to start dressing the house………….we are getting very excited.

Oh, and don’t worry about us girls. We didn’t miss out too much as between all the hard word Phil and Caroline found time to take us on trips to Sandsend beach and long moor and forest walks.

We all look forward to seeing you at Flamborough Rigg Cottage B&B and the Hayloft in the coming weeks. Phil has even created a special seasonal welcome cocktail.

I wonder if we can dress Lily up as a white reindeer!